What Do I Eat?

The question we all want to know


Changing the Game of Food

What Do I Eat?

Now Available on the Apple APP store for free

Please keep in mind we are a new App and still working out the bugs. This is a HUGE complicated program and there are some bugs...we are taking them on one at a time.


What Do I Eat is an App like no other! Our Patent Pending proprietary software has been written from the ground up, breaking all the rules in what a dining experience should be.

Who cares what a bunch of people think of a restaurant if its not your taste. Who cares if they have the best service if there is nothing you will eat there. Who cares if a review was written by a competitor that trashed the reputation of a restaurant because there is no accountability.

What Do I Eat only cares about your tastes and the food you like to eat!

Our SMART App learns the foods YOU like. The App works like most other restaurant Apps so you can see what restaurants are around you...but that is where the similarities end. We take it to the next step, we learn what menu items you like at a restaurant and create a database to your tastes. We then suggest dishes people with similar tastes also like and you have new dishes to try. The longer you use the App the smarter it gets. Want to visit a new restaurant, no problem, the App sees your location and lets you know the other restaurants in your area and suggests food items in the restaurants you will like.

All Apps out there are based on reviews from the masses, this works in theory but not for YOU and what YOU eat. Wouldn't it be great to have an App that knows you and what you like to eat? Well here it is! Our App works like any other food and restaurant App, it will tell you what places are around you. We even show you the menu at the locations, but that is where the similarities end.

What about when you are at a restaurant and can't remember if you like the chicken dish or not, you know you ordered it but can't remember if you liked it...so you order it again and as soon as they deliver your food you realize you hated it! You just wasted money and have to eat what you don't want.  I say "stop the madness!" With our App you are able to like or dislike dishes, make notes for each restaurant, and look at them any time you want. So next time you dine at this restaurant you won't make the same mistake again, or you'll remember to ask for that chicken dish without the sauce. 

But wait, there's more...for those inquisitive minds...after you tell the app what you liked or did not like, we give you the statistics of how many other users liked the dish. That way you can find a place to eat together so everyone is happy.

What about when you go out to eat with your partner, where do you go? The usual places? Don't you want to try something new?? But what if the food is horrible? Who wants to risk that? With What-do-I-Eat that is a thing of the past! explore new places to eat and dishes to try! 

You order food the way you want it, why not get the App the way you want it. Help support What-do-I-eat so we can change the way you eat, get the best possible experience where ever you dine.

Because we at What-Do-I-Eat have a personal mission to help the blind, our app will be fully compatible with Voice Over so that the blind will be able to use and find restaurants like all of us. We thank you for your support!

HOW DO WE DO IT? It is complicated and simple at the same time. We wrote an algorithm that creates a database for you, the App needs time to learn your tastes. You start using the App and "like" food you like and "dislike" food you would not order again. As the database gets enough information the accuracy gets better. We match your likes with other users that not only like what you like but also dislike what you dislike. By crossing this information from users, your tastes match other users and matches up your likes and dislikes, so when you pick a location close to you the menu shows dishes you should order and ones you should not. All of this is anonymous your information is not shared with others and others is not shared with you. It all happens behind the curtain.

Break away from what other programmers THINK you will like and eat what YOU will like.