What Do I Eat?

The question we all want to know


Changing the Game of Food

What Do I Eat?

An App Built for the people by the people

About Us

What Do I Eat takes menu items you like from restaurants you visit and starts to build a database of your favorite menu items. Our algorithm then takes this data and compiles it and matches it with likes from other users that like and dislike the same menu items as yourself creating a database tailored to your individual likes. Think of it as a dating site for food!

Just because you like the chicken sandwich from The Chicken House does not mean you will like the chicken sandwich at The Hen House. What Do I Eat App will learn what you do like and what you do not like and be able to tell you not only what to order but where to get it from. Or if you are in a restaurant with other people and not sure what you will like there, the App will give you suggestions of what you should like based on the algorithm and your history.

The App works in the simplest way, as you are in a restaurant the menu items will come up based on courses, you pick what you ate and just click the like or dislike button. The information is compiled in a database for you and our algorithm takes over creating a database from thousands of users crossing their likes and dislikes to match your tastes with theirs to create a unique dining experience just for you.

The App will also have the ability to link with your partners data as well if you both are eating together, you just click on the eating with partner switch and put in their user name and the app will only suggest restaurants you both will have menu items tailored to both your tastes.